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Important milestone achieved. This is my 400th Blog post

When I started this blog before four Years I was not serious about blogging. I was just started this blog to register domain against my name. After a while I was inspired by great community bloggers like ScottGu,Pinal Dave,Jacob Sebastian and some other friends like Vivek Patel. Then I started blogging seriously but at that time I was not aware of how to blog. I was just writing whatever I like or whatever I have found. I have no idea of syntax highlighting, blogging technique and SEO. Day by day I learned a lot and started working on things and as a Result of it Today I got 400th Blog post on my this blog.

I would like to thanks each and every reader and my fellow community blogger to helping me achieve this. Without them I could not achieve this.

Still I have seen there are lots of exceptional developers who are not writing blog. I would like to recommend that please read my blog post “Why a developer should blog?”. I must say once again that If you are doing great work then you should share it with the community and get their views of what you are doing.

On this occasion I would love to share some thoughts on blogging like following.
  1. Do not write blog to increase your blog post or get any recognition . Instead of this write your blog for self pride and community.
  2. Do no worry about who is going to read this blog. How you can increase your readers instead of that keep writing blogs and one day you will achieve whatever you like to do. Read your blog post once you posted it on your blog and it will give you great joy and satisfaction.
  3. keep inspired by your fellow community bloggers and try to improve your blogging.
  4. If you are technical blogger then Keep your post to give a complete solution of a problem because if readers will not get complete solution then they got frustrated with you.
  5. Learn and explore new things and share you experience on you blog.
  6. Always be good listener and you will learn a lot.
  7. Nobody knows everything. We all are learning everyday something so keep doing mistakes but learn from those mistakes and try to not repeat the same mistakes again.
Statistics of my blog:

On this occasion I would like to share my statistics of blog below are my statistics of blogStastics

Once again I would like to thank the readers and all the fellow bloggers without them it was not possible to achieve this. Keep blogging.. Stay tuned for more..

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  1. wow. read mine too.

    400th BLOG -


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