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Hello All,

I am moving my feeds to new address so please update your feeds with my new address. Earlier there was two or three feed address and that’s why there were some confusion between the feed address among readers. So I decided to just keep one feed address for all and so I am migrating my all the feeds to following address with feed burner. There will one feed address all the things in blog. So please please update your feed address.

Following is my feed address with feed burner.

Still my old feed address will be available for next 30 days and then it will be deleted so please please migrate to this new feed address. 

All reader of the this blog very important because without their support It would not be possible to write blogs. So any suggestion or anything that could make my blog better is always welcome. Please read my blogs regularly and I will also try my best write my blog continuously.

I am still saying that blogging is important now days. It will increase your confidence as well in future it will be integral part of your resume. So if you are still not started blogging then start it immediately. Please read my blog post why a developer should write blog and start working on blog. Because it a shadow of your knowledge to out side world and with blogging your writing and communication skills will also improve that help you in your professional life.

Till that.. Happy programming..Stay tuned for more.

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