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.NET 4.0- A new method StringBuilder.Clear() to clear stringbuilder

With Microsoft.NET 4.0 we have a convenient method called clear method which will clear string builder. This method is very use full where we need to use string builder for multiple string manipulation. So we don’t need to create a separate string builder for it. Let’s take a simple example which will print string builder string before,after clear so we can see how it works. Following is simple console application for this.namespace ConsoleApplication1
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
System.Text.StringBuilder myStringBuilder =
new System.Text.StringBuilder(string.Empty);
myStringBuilder.Append("This is my string");
Console.WriteLine("String Builder Output Before Clear:{0}",
Console.WriteLine("String Builder Output After Clear:{0}",
myStringBuilder.Append("This is my another string"…

Dynamically creating Meta Tag from ASP.NET 2.0/1.1

Search Engine optimization is very important to any web site today you can’t get more visitors except search engine optimization.In site we can also create dynamic meta tags as per our requirement for each page very easily. I will going to show you the two ways of adding meta tags dynamically one for 2.0 and other for any version. Lets look first that way and then we will look another way. First you have to add runat=”Server” in your head tag like following.<head id="Header" runat="server"> <title></title> <link href="~/Styles/Site.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="HeadContent" runat="server"> </asp:ContentPlaceHolder> </head> Then you need to write following code to create metatags dynamically.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { HtmlMeta keywords = new HtmlMeta(); keywords.Name = "keywords&q…

How To Access Control On Master Page From Content Page

It a common requirement that you have change the master page content from content page. For example you have welcome label control that is there in master page and you want to change the welcome message after user logged in from the content page. Same way there might be another requirement like you need to bind a menu from content page as per user logged in having rights. In such kind of case use find control() method to access control on master page from the content page.You can find any control of master page like grid view,repeater and other controls. Let’s take above scenario where you have a label called lblWelcome in your master page and you need to change welcome message from content so first we have to create a label in master page like following.<asp:Label ID="lblWelcome" runat="server"></asp:Label> Then with the help of find control method you have to first find the control with id and then you have to typecast that control as label and then …

Important milestone achieved 1,50,000 Visit completed for blog

I started blogging for fun but when i involved as blogger i understand power of blogging. From blog we can connect to people directly we can find reactions of our post sometimes good some time harsh comment but it was quite learning experience. On this occasion i thank all the dotnetjaps reader for providing great support keep reading my blog i am going to post lots things and nowadays i am posting everyday something new. Previous three years was great for my career as well as for this blog. I never expect huge response from  reader but it was great and inspiring me to do more and more blogging. Thank you very much readers.Here are some of the most popular post from the site meter.Singleton class in C#How to disable right click in Ms Web Browser Control of VB/C#.NET 2005gradient background controlHow to take Screenshot in C#Enumeration in C#.NET,VB.NETI once again thanks all the readers from the bottom of my heart  and keep reading this blog.Technorati Tags: ,,

ASP.NET- Using span tag instead of label for performance

In ASP.NET controls used in to the user controls are generate Client Id which unique for the control and If you have so many user controls hierarchy then you will have very long client id like ‘ctl00_CPH_ctl02_BM_userLogin_UserName’.It will increase the Kilo Bytes of html rendered in the browsers. Label control is the control which is used to display text and its render as span tag in the html render by the browser. So in such type of scenario if you have so many label controls then your html is going to increase very much. And overall it will decrease the your application performance.In 4.0 we can manage the Client Id via different options i have already posted over here. But for 3.5 and lower version we have to write our own code for doing that there are two options either we have to create a our own custom control inherited from label which override the ClientID generated by system or we can use the span tag instead of label control because ultimately label control …

IIS Error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

Recently in our one of the web servers all the sites using port 80 were stopped and when we tried to restart website it was giving error like process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. After analyzing and diagnosis and searching on internet for the same problem i have found that it was a problem due to port 80 was used by another process. To solve the problem i have following command which will list IPs,PID(Process ID) and port that used by the process. The command is as below.NETSTAT -ano After running that command in command in command prompt it will give output like following.

From that output you can fine which port is used by which PID(Process Id). And then you can find the process from task manager. Process Id column in task manager is not enabled by default so you can do by View Menu->Select Column a following dialog box will appear.

Select PID (Process Identifier) and press OK.Now process Id will appear in task manager and in task manger go …

C# 4.0-string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace()

We already have string.IsNullOrEmpty() method to check whether the string is null or empty.Now with Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 there is a new another method that is called string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace() which will also check whether string is having whitespaces or not with null and empty string.This method is help full where we can check string is having whitespace rather then its empty or null. It will return a true if a string is empty,null or its having whitespaces. Let’s create a simple example and will see how its works. Here we are going test it with 4 options Empty string,Normal String,White spaces and Null String. Following is a code for that.class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
string TestString = string.Empty;
Console.WriteLine("Test with empty string:{0}",
TestString = "Normal String";
Console.WriteLine("Test with normal string:{0}",

C#-Constructors,Static Constructors and Destructors Execution in Inheritance

While taking interview for .NET Technologies i often ask about the execution sequence of the constructor and destructor in inheritance But from the my experience i have found that lots of people are still confused with execution sequence of constructor and destructors. Lets create a simple example and learn some basic things that is very important while using inheritance in C#.Constructors will be executed in from parent to child sequence means first parent class constructor will be executed then after that child class constructor will be executed.Destructors execution order is reverse then constructors first it will execute child class destructor and then it will execute the parent class destructor.Static constructors are different then the normal constructors and its executes when first object of class is created it will be executed. Most of people are very confused this kind of scenario in inheritance. Here scenario will be like when the first object of child class created then…

Singleton Class in C#

Singleton pattern is very popular pattern used by programmer. The idea behind the singleton pattern is to have only one instance of a class at any time. This kind of pattern is very useful for for heavy resources like Linq Data Context etc. It is also useful in multithreaded application where different thread of application try to crate instance of one class but it should be thread safe. It can be also useful for global resources and state objects. In singleton class there are two things required. One static variable which hold the instance of class and other is a static method which will return the instance of singleton class. Here is the example of singleton class public class MySingleTon
private static MySingleTon mySingleTonInstance = new MySingleTon();

private MySingleTon()
//private constructor
public static MySingleTon GetInstace()
return mySingleTonInstance;

} Now we are done with calling single ton class like …

Visual Studio 2010-Automatically Adjust Visual Experience.

Visual studio 2010 is great IDE and i am discovering everyday some thing new. Today i have discovered one of fantastic option to increase performance of your visual studio IDE. Visual Studio 2010 has option when we enabled it it will automatically adjust the visual and client experience as per your hardware configuration. It will increase the performance of visual studio and productivity in lower hardware also. You can find that checkbox under Tools->General-> Automatically adjust visual experience based on client performance. There are two checkbox is given one for above and another for Rich User Experience but they may decrease your visual studio performance. Like following.Technorati Tags: ,,

Indexer class in C#

While taking interviews for Microsoft.NET i often ask about indexer classes in C#.NET and i found that most of people are unable to give answer that how we can create a indexer class in C#.NET. We know the array in C#.NET and each element in array can be accessed by index same way for indexer class a object was class can be accessed by index. Its very easy to create a indexer class in C#. First lets looks some points related to indexer class in C#.Indexer class object can be accessed by index only.We can use same mechanism to access object of indexer class as we are doing it for array.You can can specify any valid C# type as return type of indexer classes.You must have to create a property with parameter using this keyword for indexer class.You can also implement multi parameter indexer also.Let’s create simple indexer class with single parameter and for string type. public class MyIndexer
private string[] MyIndexerData;
private int SizeOfIndexer;

//declaring cursor to a…

Microsoft.NET 4.0/VB.NET 10 Automatic Properties

In C# we are having automatic properties since C# 3.5 framework but now with Microsoft.NET 4.0 Framework VB.NET 10.0 version we are also having automatic properties for VB.NET Also.Like in C# we can define automatic like following. Public string TestProperty
} Same way we can define in automatic Property in VB.NET as follows.
Public Property TestProperty As String You can use this properties any where in class same as C# automatic property.

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ASP.NET and Load balancing.

In one of our project the site usage of site was very heavy and we need to migrate it to load balancing server. I have never configured the sites in the load balancing server but it was quite interspersing experience Here are the some points which we need to take care while we move sites into the load balancing environments. So first we will see what is load balancing. Following is a load balancing definition from the Google. In computer networking, load balancing is a technique to distribute workload evenly across two or more computers, network links, CPUs, hard drives, or other resources, in order to get optimal resource utilization, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload.Following are the points which you need to take care when you are deploying your sites into load balancing server environments.Machine Key Should be same for both servers: View state and session both are depends on the machine key. If you machine key is not same then you w…

Rename feature in Visual Web Developer 2010/Visual Studio 2010

Visual web developer is great tool and I am playing more and more with it and every time I am discovering some new features of it. Recently I have discovered a very cool feature of it. I want to rename a variable in visual studio 2010 Web Developer express edition and I found a great refractor tool for that which will rename that variable in all the instance and all the methods. First you need to select variable which you want to rename and then you need to Right Click ->Refractor->Rename. You can also invoke that via its shortcut Ctrl + R,Ctrl +R and it will be available For reference see the below screenshot. Once you click the rename which will have a dialog box open which will ask for new name or variable like following. It is also having options for search in comments and search in string. Search in comment will search and replace in comment and search in string will replace word for any string which contains that variable name. Once you put new name in dialog box it will d…