What's new in sql server 2008

Microsoft SQL Server are one of the popular RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) all over world. Before some time Microsoft has launched the new version of SQL Server 2008. SQL Server 2008 provides the highest levels of security, reliability, and scalability for your business-critical applications. . Following are the some of new features of SQL Server 2008.

  1. Policy based management.
  2. Performance Data Collection.
  3. Data compression.
  4. Resource Generator.
  5. Transparent Data Encryption.
  6. External Key Management/Extensible Key Management.
  7. Data Auditing.
  8. Hot-Add CPU and Hot-Add Memory.
  9. Streamlined Installation.
  10. Server Group Management.
  11. Upgrade Advisor.
  12. Partition aligned indexed views.
  13. Backup Compression.
  14. Extended Events.
  15. Grouping Set.
  16. Merge Operator.
  17. Greater Support for LINQ and Entity Framework.
  18. Change Data Capture.
  19. Table Valued Parameters.
  20. Entity data model for entity framework.
  21. Synchronization Server with ADO.NET.
  22. CLR Improvements.
  23. Conflict detection between peer to peer Replication
  24. Service Broker Priorities and Diagnostics.
  25. Spatial Data with Geography and Geometry data types.
  26. Virtual Earth Integration.
  27. Sparse Column.
  28. Filtered Indexes.
  29. Integrated full text search.
  30. File stream data.
  31. Large user defined types.
  32. Large user defined aggregates.
  33. Date/Time Data Types.
  34. Improved XML Support.
  35. ORDPATH.

and many more features are there. It's great rdbms to use in your future projects. Please visit following link to explore above features in great details.


You can download SQL server 2008 Express database for free from following link.



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