Subsonic 3.0 is out now- Next Generation Object Relational Mapper

There lots of ORM(Object Relational Mapper) is available now like entity framework,nhibernate, linq, dlinq but i choose subsonic 3.0 for my next application which will be a question answer site for the following reason

  1. Now subsonic 3.0 is with linq support so you can write your lambda expression and linq queries along with the subsonic
  2. It comes with simple repository.
  3. Built in T4 Templates for 4.0
  4. Linq to subsonic.
  5. Subsonic 3.0 templates.
  6. Can handle thousand of queries at a times.
  7. Full support with 3.5 features.
  8. Ease of Use.
  9. Great support with mvc

And another great news is that Rob Conery is hired by the Microsoft and subsonic will official ORM for Applications.

You can download subsonic 3.0 from here.

Happy Coding..


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