Microsoft SilverLight 3.0 is out now-What’s new in Silverlight 3.0?

Microsoft Silvelight 2.0 has been great success for the Microsoft. There lots of rich user friendly animated application is designed with Microsoft Silvelight 2.0. Now with Microsoft has added some new features to Silverlight 3.0. It includes major media enhancement,allowing web applications to view on desktop, Graphic improvement for 3D Support, GPU Acceleration and H-264 Support etc. Following is new feature list for silvelight 3.0
  1. Live and on demand true HD Smooth streaming.
  2. More format Choice.
  3. True HD Playback.
  4. Extensible media format support
  5. Perceptive 3D Graphics
  6. Pixel shader effects.
  7. Bitmap Caching.
  8. Animation Effect.
  9. Enhance control skinning.
  10. Improve text rendering and font support.
  11. Search Engine Optimization
  12. Data Forms and Data Validation.
  13. Application library caching
  14. Binary Xml.
  15. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator import support
  16. Fully compatible with visual studio 2010.
There are many more features. To know more about him please visit following link.
If you have any question then you can ask here in silverlight community.
You can get started with silvelight 3.0 with following. Its will be great help and tools available on following link.


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