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ASP.NET MVC Framework Link collection

Agile Software Development

Agile software development is a concept of a software engineering for quick software development. As a software development process is combination of many phases like requirement analysis and gathering, feasibility study, design,coding and testing and documentation. In agile software development We follow all the above things in agile development with each iteration. Software development prorities are build for each iteration in by team of develoeprs and customers.For more details of agile developement. Please visit following link...

Automated Testing for ASP.NET- NUnit ASP

We all developing application using and as a human being we all can't kept track of each and everything. We meant to have some error in our code. We call them bugs. Bugs can be removed via testing. Some time testing take more time then expected, so we have to use the automated testing tool to test your applications.I have found a great automated testing framework for It is a great thing which can do the test and find bugs.OverviewNUnitASP is a tool for automatically testing ASP.NET web pages. It's an extension to NUnit, a tool for test-driven development in .NET.Once you have an automated suite of tests, you'll never go back. It gives you incredible confidence in your code. That confidence allows you to code much faster, because you can make risky changes secure in the knowledge that your tests will catch any mistakes.NUnitAsp is for unit testing ASP.NET code-behind only. It's meant for programmers, not QA teams, and it's not …

XML for

I have found a great resources for developers who are using XML in frameworks. The site having all the thins that require to develop application using XML in It has videos, code bank , .NET XML training all the stuff.

Creating Web Services in a Class Library project

When you are developing a plug in or add in for a software some time you have a requirement for developing webservice hosting in DLL. I have found a great link which describes all the is the link..

Sharepoint blogs

I have found very good link for share point development. It has very good blogs that can can be very useful for share point developers.Here is the link

Regular Expression Library

Regular expression is hottest technology nowdays. It saves lots of time of development. In we can use regular expression in regular expression as regular expression validation control. I have found the very good resource of ready made regular expression. Here is the link for that., the Internet's first Regular Expression Library. Currently it has indexed 1974 expressions from 1203 contributors around the world.

Infosys Guys are blogging about .NET

Infosys is India's most well know company at we all know.Recently I have visited the Infosys and I found there blogs about Microsoft Technologies. I had read some entries and I found lots of things to is the link for there blogs about Microsoft technology.

Get a Blog on WindowsClient.NET.

If you are serious windows developer and intersted in blogging then is a plateform to share your knowledge. You can create your blogs there. Microsoft has opened now for new is the link to signup blogs there.. blogging...

My new blog at

Well thanks to Joe Stagner and his team i got blog on the which is  a very good community of You can see my posting at there need to worry for this blog as i am constaly posting on both the blogs. Some posts may diffrer because this is my personal blog and i will post all the entries that i will post on weblogs at have opened the community for some time so if you wanna blog there on You just need to create a account on site and then request a weblog to joe at following link. that is once joe will approve your blog. You are ready to blog there.

Three common mistake while creating application with ajax

I have found a great article about developing a application with ajax enabled rich text website.Here is the three mistakes we are making..Page events still fire during partial postbacks. UpdatePanel events fire, even when not updating. Control event handlers fire after Load eventsDave has posted a very good article on above mistake. Here is the link for that..

Copy Paste source as html- Visual Studio Add in

If you blogging your code in your blogs post. You waste lots of time to format your code like in IDE. I have a  solution for that. I have a found a add in which will copy paste code as html. So you don't need to do anything.Here is the link for that..

Windwos Live Writer Directly writing Blogs from desktop

If you are still logged in to blogger for writing yours blogs then here is the easy way to write blogs directly from your desktop. Windows live writer is a free application for writing blogs from your desktop. It supports lots of provider. You just have to setup a blog once then you don't need to do is the link to get live writer... programming....

GetYear Function in Java Script is not working properly in firefox

Hi Folks,I have found that some times in firefox getyear function is not working properly. For example.We define a date value with following.var dtTo = new Date("11-Feb-2007");Now if you do alert likeAlert(dtTo.getYear());But in firefix year is displaying like 107.So to fix this issue. I have used getFullYear function likeAlert(dtTo.getYear());And It's working fine...