New design of my blog.

From last couple of days i am trying to change my blog design. I search a lot and then i got the template from I am thankful to guys from template panic team who have created blog templates for user like me.

I have done few experiments with my blogs. I have change my blog name to "Dotnetworld"

because this is blog around the and it's related technology. Also I have put the a category navigation bar at the top which will directly redirect to the post related to that category. It will look like following.

I am also planning to put a addto dig button with each post and a complete "Add To"bar at bottom of each post.

At present my blog looks like following.

Please put your valuable comments how you like the blog. Suggestions are also welcome. I am here for my valuable readers and i want to provide valuable content to my readers.


  1. Hey its looking good...

    Keep up the good work.
    DotNetGuts (DNG)


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