Comparision of Ajax Framework for ASP.NET 1.1

I have found a great article which compare a lot of framework in for Ajax .
It includes following frameworks.

Frameworks included in comparison are:
  • ComfortASP.NET V0.65 (beta)
  • MagicAJAX.NET V0.3.0
  • ZumiPage V2.10
  • ATLAS CTP July 2006
  • OutPost V1.4
  • FastPage V2.0
  • Telerik r.a.d. ajax V1.03 (+Hotfix)
  • Anthem Panel V1.3.
It compares on the following basis...

  • General
  • Integration
  • General ASP.NET Compatibility
  • ASP.NET 2.0 compatibility
  • Features
  • Ajax post backs
  • Additional Feature.

here is the link of article....


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