Ajax control toolkit for ASP.NET 1.1,2.0 -ANTHEM.NET

There are lots of Ajax enable toolkit available to asp.net 2.0 but i have found another one Ajax enable toolkit. It is Jason Diamond's MyAjax.net which has recently been redesigned and launched on SourceForge.Net as Anthem.NET.

Anthem.net is so easy to use and contain almost all the controls are Ajax Enabled.It supports view state, so you can get control states and page info back in callbacks. It works seamlessly with web user controls, and master pages; and having used it on a live application, I can say it's reasonably stable. Best of all, you won't need to write any JavaScript (or XML script).

You can found more details for anthem.net from following links.






  1. Yes you are absolutely right I had used in my project and worked really well also.


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