Capabilities Microsoft SQL Server,Microsoft ACCESS, MSDE

I have found a very good site with provide the comparison of Microsoft sql server, Microsoft and mdse capabilities on the basis of following.
  1. Number of instances per server
  2. Number of databases per instance / server
  3. Number of objects per database
  4. Number of users per database
  5. Number of roles per database
  6. Overall size of database (excluding logs)
  7. Number of columns per table
  8. Number of rows per table
  9. Number of bytes per row
  10. Number of columns per query
  11. Number of tables per query Size of procedure / query
  12. Number of input params per procedure / query
  13. Size of SQL statement / batch Depth of sub query nesting
  14. Number of indexes per table
  15. Number of columns per index
  16. Number of characters per object name
  17. Number of concurrent user connections

here is the link for that site:


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